Water Damage Repair & Restoration

Water Damage can happen quickly and can be devastating! Immediate action helps minimize water damage, saving you time and money. Our highly trained water damage specialists start work immediately to save your important papers and possessions, drying out your home and restoring everything to their original condition.

Residential Fire, Smoke & Water Damage

Fire damage is a traumatic event! But with North Idaho Flood and Fire you are not alone in the process. We are the smoke and fire restoration professionals and have worked hard to become the top fire damage recovery service in North Idaho. Our history of success and hands-on experience help us guide you through the fire recovery process with as little stress as possible.

Commercial Fire, Smoke & Water Damage

North Idaho Flood and Fire is a locally owned company experienced in providing fast and affordable commercial services for water, flood, smoke and fire damage restoration. We work hard every day dealing with residential and commercial disasters. Our goal is to help your business get up and running and back to work!

Mold Removal

How do you know if your home has mold? Is your home safe for your children and pets? You wouldn't let your kids play in a room with mold, or sleep in a room where mold is growing. But many homes in Northern Idaho, especially older homes, have mold issues of which homeowners are not even aware. We understand how important it is to protect your home and the health of your family.
Call us at 208-290-6660 for a mold inspection today!

Sewage Damage

Damage from sewage overflow requires immediate professional attention! Avoid potential health hazards such as spreading germs and airborne contaminants. A sewer backup can result in toilet overflow in your bathroom, often spreading to other areas of your home. North Idaho Flood and Fire is professionally equipped to handle all your sewage emergencies quickly and efficiently.
Call us 208-290-6660. We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

​Wind Damage Repair & Restoration

The wind can wreak havoc on homes and business structures. For example, a fallen tree can cause major structure and roof damage. While we can’t stop the wind from blowing or storms from rolling in, we can repair the damage left behind. North Idaho Flood and Fire offers dependable, 24-hour emergency disaster restoration.

We have extensive experience repairing damages from natural causes unique to this area.